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The Management Journey

Research Your B-School Options

Having a deep knowledge of the top B-Schools in India will enable you to take an informed decision about your management education. So, what are the things to consider when you are looking at a B-School in India? To start with, you would need to know:
  • How is the B-School Ranked globally? This gives you a good understanding of its caliber.
  • Simultaneously, research if the B-School has established Partnerships with International B-Schools – such partner ships enable the mutual sharing of best study practices as well as the possibility of Student Exchange.
  • It will further benefit you to know if the B-School has been Accredited. This is necessary, since Accreditation establishes its trustworthiness, which ensures peace of mind for you.

Finance Your Studies

Studying In India is affordable compared to other countries. It is interesting to note that the annual cost of education, coupled with living here is about 5462 USD15. Additionally, having a fair idea of your weekly living expenses will go a long way in helping you to manage your expenses:

Eating out
$23.43 - $70.29
per week


Utility bills
$3.12 - $7.81
per week


Public transport
$1.09 to $1.56
per week


Sports and leisure
$4.69 - $12.5
per week

The government of India also offers a variety of scholarships to foreign students through its offices that are set up in those countries16. Some of the scholarships are:
  • General Cultural Scholarship Scheme (GCSS)
  • Cultural Exchange Programme
  • Commonwealth Fellowship Plan
  • Reciprocal Scholarships Scheme
  • Technical Cooperation Scheme of the Colombo Plan
  • SAARC Fellowship Scheme
  • Apasaheb Pant Scholarship Scheme
  • ICCR Scholarship Scheme
  • Craft Instructors Scheme
  • Scholarship Scheme for Sri Lanka and Mauritius

Student Visas

A student visa is your ticket to studying in India. Like with any other type of visa, obtaining a student visa is possible if you take note of the following document requirements. You need17:
  • Pass certificate of qualifying exams
  • Proof of passing the English language proficiency test
  • Original Student Visa
  • Mark sheet of the Qualifying Examination
  • Photocopy of the passport, attested by the notary
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